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Jimmy invited me to the studio for a review session. I was expecting 45 mins of blood, sweat and tears on the treadmill. Not so; instead we chatted about motivation, lifestyle, running style, mixing sessions and periods of training with the aim of staying injury free. Jimmy designed a 3 month plan with conditioning work and specific training sessions to review weekly. With this routine in place, I was able to maintain my training free of injury and ready to clawback that 1 min that haunted me for a year. Jimmy introduced me to the multi-sport culture and worked closely with me not only to set me training sessions but to guide me through how to recover, build and periodise training.

The beauty of the sport and working with VO2 Maximum Coaching is that no two days or training sessions are the same. The ability to balance life, family and running a business is my constant challenge and whilst I am not always the model triathlete, Jimmy does his best to keep me on track.

S. Stone



ďIn March 2010 my neighbour threw down the challenge of completing the London Triathlon Sprint event. Having given up competitive sport in my early twenties this was a red rag to a bull and I charged into a self devised training plan. This inevitably led to tiredness and poor training and I realised I needed to get some expert help and experience.

Iíve now been working with Paula since April 2010 and in that time she has taken me from a Novice that struggled to swim 2 lengths, had not ridden a bike for 20 years and had completed a handful or running events to a half decent triathlete that managed to qualify and take part in the Sub 2:30 wave at this yearís Olympic Distance London Triathlon.† During that time my swimming, running and biking have all improved, however most importantly the training is tailored to my busy work schedule and is carefully planned to make sure I donít overdo it. The weekly calls are great and allow us to discuss specific aspects of training and racing.

I am now hooked on the sport and look forward to many more years competing and improving. Iím †certain that if I didnít work with Paula that I would have given up by now.Ē


craig ormiston


After getting myself through a season of triathlons and enjoying them, which was the aim, I decided that as I wanted to stay injury free, get better, fitter and go longer then the smart choice was to be coached. For this I spoke to VO2, who after initial consultation understood what I wanted and how far I want to go. I understood how and what I need to do to achieve this.

During my first year with them I have undertaken some iconic challenging events from single discipline sports to my first 70.3 Ironman.

During this year it has been great to have a structured plan and a coach who when needed is there either to break the sessions down or to give advice, inspire or challenge me. Being part of the team has also been great as the healthy banter during training and on the run up to an event has been immense. Without being part of VO2 I very much doubt I would have achieved this yearís goals, let alone beat my goal times, so hereís to next yearís challenges and beyond continuing to be a member of VO2 Maximum Racing Team and a coached athlete of Jimmy George.

Mark P