U-Style - Customise your bike


We understand that every rider is different and with that in mind we offer a range of customisation options across all our bikes.   



How it Works

Choose your frame

Choose your design

Choose your colours 


We'll work with you at every step to guide your choices and make sure you get the best bike for your needs.  Our unique consultation process will ensure that your bike is built around you, your style of riding and your goals.  During the consultation, we'll take key measurements from you to ensure that every part of your bike is the right size for you. 

We don't fit you to your bike, we build your bike to fit you. 

1. Frame


The VESP is a high performance road bike designed for comfort and endurance.


The 2017 edition of the V:PRO:CARBON is built for speed and performance.


The VERSUS TT has a sleek aerodynamic profile to give you the ultimate advantage. 

2. Design

Option 1:
Available on all frame models

Solid Colour
Customise the colour of the:
Brand graphics

Option 2:
Available on VESP, V:PRO:CARBON,
frame models

Solid frame with accent colour
Customise the colour of the:
Interior stays & forks (one colour)
Brand graphics

Option 3:
Available on V:PRO:CARBON and
frame models only

Full custom colours
Customise the colour of the:
Interior forks
Interior rear stays
Underside of the down tube
Top of the top tube
Brand graphics

Our colours:

Once you have chosen your design, pick your colours from our range.  We offer all our colours with a Matte or Gloss finish.  You can also choose to mix and match the finish across your design. If you can't see the colours you want, talk to us and we will help you get the perfect look. 



Gallery of custom VO2 bikes

  • Black and Yellow VESP
  • Blue VERSUS TT
  • Blue VESP with yellow brand graphics
  • Custom VERSUS TT
  • Matte Black V:PRO:CARBON with black gloss brand graphics
  • Revolution (Matt Black)
  • V:Pro:Carbon (Green and White)
  • V:Pro:Carbon (Matt Black and Green)
  • V:Pro:Carbon (Matt Black and Teal Green)
  • V:Pro:Carbon (Pink and Black)
  • V:Pro:Carbon (Stealth Black)
  • V:Pro:Carbon (White and Red)
  • V:Pro:Carbon Disc (Matt Black and Red)
  • V:PRO:CARBON in Grey
  • V:PRO:CARBON in Lime Green
  • VERSUS TT (Green and Blue)
  • VESP (Black and Orange and Blue and Silver)
  • Victory TT (Black carbon and white)