A Personal Training Story

Christina and John Hodson have been clients of VO2 Fitness Training for many years.  Christina has trained with trainer Paula George for around 18 years (we think!).  Asked why she has had personal training for so many years she replied, "I have always wanted to remain fit and active and when I started PT I was running (training for marathons) and the strength work supported that training.  When I gave up running I took up walking and have found that regular training in the studio combined with the walking has helped keep me fit and strong.  I also attend pilates at the studio with Caroline and find that the combination of PT and this maintains my posture, strength and sense of wellbeing."

John trains with Jimmy George on a weekly basis and their focus for training is to keep John fit and mobile through his retirement and to help him enjoy his hobbies to his full potential.  He enjoys playing both tennis and golf and keeping up with his lively grandchildren.

If ever there was an inspiration to keep yourself active through every stage of life this couple are it and we are proud that our personal training service has helped keep them focused and motivated for many years.