Happy Clients - Lou & Aly

Lous' story

At VO2 we like to work closely with our clients and as such we get to know them very well.Their stories continually inspire us and make us so proud of what they achieve. Meet Lou and Aly - two of our amazing ladies who lift and who work with trainer Tom Bailey.

  1. Have you always been into health and fitness? If not, when did you get interested?

As a child I was told to get off the netball court as apparently I did too many pirouettes catching the ball. Athletics was not a forté either, but my passion lay with dancing investing about 5 hours after school each week as a norm. 

Early adulthood saw very minimal formalised exercise and after I became a parent it was ‘game over’. However I soon realised that the big ‘40’ was looming and I was not able to run a single mile without knee pain. That’s when I realised I needed to get back to something, but what? I came to VO2 for guidance, as along with the knee I have a lingering whiplash injury that has been haunting me since 2001. So it seemed appropriate to get some advise. 

  1. What does PT bring to your health & fitness program?

Considering the fact that I was unable to run one mile without knee pain, I am so pleased to report that I now have 4 half marathons under my belt! It turns out the that my quads and glutes were weak and this  compromise pulled my knee out of alignment! 

One learns so much about diet and how the muscles work- it is very empowering. It took a while for me to understand my own body, but I am now able pinpoint whether I am tired or on a sugar low, whether I feel the need for that sweet or whether I am simply thirsty. 

I believe that as women, and especially mothers, we need to invest in ourselves in order to propagate strong mental health and happiness in our lives. Feeling physically strong is an important contributor to this goal. It also helps when looking in the mirror during summer! 

  1. What aspects of PT do you enjoy the most?

Our PT is a set diary entry. It’s predictable, repeatable, part of my weekly routine. I love working out with my friend. She keep me accountable to attend every week. And her hug to welcome me to our session makes me feel special before I’ve even started. 

I love the way one feels invincible when the adrenaline flows. It is empowering when one is able to push oneself even harder especially on a day when all you wanted to do was hide under the douvet. It’s a fantastic sense of achievement- simply showing up! 

I love how my trainer knows my body and ability and pushes me until he knows I should not push any further. Cherry picking exercises to reach my goals but avoiding areas that may be compromised. And I love how we joke about our sore muscles on our group chat for days afterwards! 

  1. What are the biggest personal changes you have noticed since starting PT?

I’ve been with VO2 for almost 4 years now. It has been a slow process but now I am a stone lighter and keeping it off easily. 

My muscles are more defined, I am definitely stronger. But I am also mentally stronger because I know I can achieve the goals I set out to achieve. My goals for 2018 was to run a half marathon in under 2hrs and we smashed that. I also wanted to achieve completing three chin-ups in a row before the end of September which my trainer coached me to achieving. Setting goals and keeping it fresh and real is so inspiring. 

  1. How does Tom motivate and inspire you both?

Tom relates to our personalities so well. He knows how to read us, and his wicked sense of humour and quick comebacks challenges our wit! 

Physically, Tom also inspires through his own physical appearance- he clearly practices what he preaches, which keeps us accountable to uphold our end of the deal. 

Tom is very in-tune with our emotional state. Being female, there are days where one doesn’t feel ‘top form’ and Tom starts us off easy on those and somehow works us extremely hard towards the end- before we even notice it happening! 

Just because we train together, doesn’t mean that we are equally good at all exercises, so Tom will drop the weights individually if needed, but always pushing to the point of fatigue at the end of a set. That’s very much appreciated because we can both work to our own ability without the guilt of holding each other back. 

And when we complain about how hard it is or how sore our bodies are, Tom simply relies ‘You’re welcome!’ with a cheeky smile.  Because he did exactly what we asked him to do! 

Alys' story

  1. Have you both been into health and fitness? If not, when did you get interested?

I have always worked out - ever since I started work in 1988 I have been a member of one gym or another and I was a runner and a field hockey player in school before that.  I have never stopped running and continued playing hockey for my bank for several years.


  1. What does PT bring to your health & fitness program?

PT helps support my running, which is my first love.  Running is great for me but I appreciate that a stronger body makes for a stronger runner.  I am also a huge advocate for variety in your training, especially as I am getting older and niggles are appearing.  By adding cross training into my routine it gives my old bones a rest some days and helps work and strengthen the parts of my body that running doesn’t reach.  


  1. What aspects of PT do you enjoy the most?

I love working out 2:1 so I get time with my friend and at the same time we help push each other to achieve greater things.  Lifting heavy weights is probably the actual part of each workout that I enjoy the most.


  1. What are the biggest personal changes you have noticed since starting PT?

I am genuinely much stronger.  Moving furniture around at home and lifting and carrying things is where I notice the biggest differences, along with running hills.  I have always enjoyed running hill sessions but when my legs are feeling stronger from PT, I find hills easier and more enjoyable.


  1. How does Tom motivate and inspire you both?

Tom pushes us really hard.  He laughs and jokes with us but ignores us when we are whingeing and moaning. He never lets us off lightly, except when we have an injury.  He expects us to give 100% and supports and guides us to help us achieve that.