Meet the rider: Ian G

We love hearing about the adventures our riders get up to once their VO2 bike leaves the workshop.  This week we met Ian and put the following Q&A to him.

Q: What's your name?
A: Ian

Q: What bike do you have?
VO2 V:PRO:CARBON, now fully Enve’d

Q: How long have you been cycling?
A: Since 2010

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve completed on your VO2 Bike?
A: The Mallorca Half Ironman

Q: Why did you take on this challenge?
A: To challenge and motivate me

Q: Any new challenges on the horizon?
A: Mont Ventoux

Q: How has VO2 Cycling helped you reach your goals?
A: My bike is light weight and reliable!

Q: Tell us about your experience of buying your bike from VO2 Cycling
A: I was a budding amateur triathlete: I read the review of the bike and it’s 9/10 result In 220 Triathlon. I don’t normally buy mainstream, I love British, came down and met Jimmy who whent over the bike details with me.  (My wife came along, and also now owns a V02!) I returned a week later for a bike fit and placed the order, and not really looked back.

Q: What’s your favourite cycling route and why? 
Ma10, Andratrax to Port Pollenca Majorca. 115km with 2876m climbing...

Q: What has been your best moment on your bike?

It would have to be the three beers after the above Majorca ride above!  What a great ride that was.

Do you have a cycling story you'd like to share?  We'd love to hear it! Get in touch and you could be the star of our next blog!