The great disc debate

Being a smaller bicycle brand we are in a position to see if something new in the world of cycling is here to stay or just a fad.

The current big change we're seeing for road bikes revolves around the introduction of disc brakes.

From our point of view, we are waiting for the component manufacturers to convince customers that the riding experience is better with disc brakes. This will take time because it is not as simple as just mounting exisiting mountain bike brake systems on a road bike frame. 

A road cyclist will use their brakes in a different way to an off-road cyclist, and the brakes need to be able to cope with the different demands of the road. 

The early iterations of road based disc systems we are currently seeing do not seem to be performing significantly differently to standard calliper brakes, but as the technology improves over the next few seasons we expect this to change.

Things to think about when choosing disc or calliper brakes

  • Disc brakes are (at the moment) heavier than standard calliper brake 
  • Calliper brakes are easier for the 'at home mechanic' to maintain
  • Calliper brakes are universal: any bike shop will have the right spares
  • Callipers are a proven design & technology
  • Disc brakes are the latest development in braking technology   
  • They provide consistent performance in all weather conditions   
  • Disc brakes offer improved braking over long descents  
  • Disc brakes are more powerful than calliper brake systems

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