Changing the way you buy your bike


Hildenborough, Kent: VO2 Cycling are aiming to revolutionise how consumers buy their bike by providing a tailor-made service for every customer they work with.  The independent brand turn the bike buying, and fitting, process on its head, by starting with the fitting.  Every customer starts with a free 1:1 consultation to discuss cycling style and goals, before taking a series of body measurements.  VO2 Cycling use this to create the correct fit for the customer:  frame size, crank length, stem length, gear ratios and bar width.

Founder of VO2 Cycling Jimmy George says: “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman, tall or short, fast or slow, every cyclist is unique.  With our process, we don’t make generalisations or assumptions, we take the time to get to know our cyclists so we build them a bike that fits from the moment they take it home.

“With a VO2 bike, customers don’t need to invest more money in a bike fit and new components before they can start riding.  Our process makes a custom made bike accessible to everyone, not just the pros."  Alongside their core range of bikes, VO2 Cycling offer the option to customise even more elements of the bike to meet individual requirements: groupsets, wheels, finishing kit and more.  Even the colour of the bike can be customised.

VO2 Cycling believe that by working directly with customers to produce tailor-made bikes, they will revolutionise the way bikes are sold in the UK.  Dealing directly with the manufacturer, customers can expect a better quality bike at competitive prices. 

Media enquiries

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