VO2 Strongman

Strongman training – it conjures up images of very large, very hairy men shouting, grunting and lifting unnaturally heavy things.

However, the name doesn’t do this style of training justice. As with any training it can be adapted to suit any body shape and gender.

The benefits are huge – weight loss, functional strength, endurance, huge amounts of fun. And if you have plateaued in your fitness programme this is a great way to make a breakthrough whether you are a runner, footballer or gym goer.

Another benefit is it requires a lot less technique than other forms of weight lifting so it’s easy to get started under the proper supervision. 

Strongman is every Thursday 8pm


What is Strongman

So what does it involve??? In any given session you might be pushing/dragging/pulling weighted sledges, flipping tyres, pulling tyres, carrying heavy loads, hitting things with a sledge hammer, pressing logs overhead etc. etc.

The bragging rights are great as well – “What did you do get up to yesterday?” “Oh I flipped a few tractor tyres………”

Loaded carry

It doesn't get more functional than this.  Pick up a heavy object and go for a walk.  Different techniques include the Farmer's Walk, Yoke Carry, Zercher Carry and Suitcase Carry.  Whatever style you use your core, back, legs, grip and lungs will get blasted!

Log/bar clean and press

 Load it up, "clean" it to shoulder height using the combined power of your legs and back then press it overhead using your shoulders chest and legs.

Sledge push/drag

Load up a purpose built strongman sledge and drag it, push it, shove it, whatever it takes to get it up the track.  This is an amazingly functional strength builder that focus on the legs.

Tractor tyre flip

Does what it says on the tin and builds a huge amount of power in the legs, core and back.

How to get started

All you need to do is book a free taster session. To book you select the session you would like to attend, as a member you can attend any group training we put on including Strongman, circuit training and bootcamp.

The trainer for the session will be notified to expect you to the session and take you through the work out. Hopefully you will enjoy it and then select the type of membership you would like.

  • 1 Session per week - £32.00 per month
  • 2 Session per week - £60.00 per month
  • 3 Session per week - £87.00 per month
  • Unlimited Session per week - £112 per month