Cycle Servicing

Cycle Servicing

Bike Servicing at VO2 Cycling

We take pride in offering a great service so when you buy a VO2 Bicycle you also get the aftersale servicing to keep your bike in great working condition. We recommend a full service once every 12 to 18 months, with regular basic or general servicing in between according to your mileage.  

Please note: we only service Road and Time Trial Bikes.


Service Packages




  • Wipe down frame & inspect cycle
  • Inspect frame and forks
  • Adjust gears (front & rear)
  • Adjust brakes (front & rear)
  • Oil chain
  • Check condition of headset
  • Check condition of & inflate tyres
  • Check both wheels
  • Safety check (check nuts & bolts, & moving parts)



Same as Basic plus:

  • Check chain & cassette for wear
  • Replace chain & cassette if necessary
  • True wheels
  • Check both wheel hubs & adjust if needed
  • Check & tighten headset
  • Check & replace cables if necessary




Same as General plus:

  • Strip bicycle to frame clean & check alignment
  • Degrease all parts & service as required
  • Replace all cables & brake pads as necessary
  • Clean wheels
  • Replace tyres if necessary