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Get fit and Be Healthy for good!

Join us for 4 weeks of focused energy where we guide you to live a healthy lifestyle with the Be Healthy Challenge.

• Learn the exact process we have used with clients since 2006 to develop lifestyles full of energy, and wellness.

• Reset your life with healthy choices

• Nourish your body with nutrient rich food and supplements that makes you feel good in the short and long term.

• Enjoy a complete spectrum of health products for teeth, skin and digestion

The Be Healthy Challenge will teach you how to lead a lifestyle that is kind to your body, gives you energy, and makes you feel great!

Dates: Monday 8th April – Monday 13th May

Prep week Monday 8th April

Week 1 Monday 15th April

Week 2 Monday 22nd April

Week 3 Monday 29th April

Week 4 Monday 6th May

Bonus week Monday 13th May



• 1 week of goal setting and preparation

• 4 weeks nutrition guidance, exercise guidance, online education videos and weekly coaching calls

• Supply of our recommended multivitamins and antioxidants

• Supply of our recommended fish oil

• Supply of our recommended nutritional shake

• Supply of our recommend probiotic

• Supply of our recommended SPF skin protection moisturiser

• Supply of our recommended toothpaste

• Access to the Be Healthy Challenge

Online Forum. Great for connecting with others on the same journey, motivation and to stay in contact

• Video trainings to teach you the “ins and outs” of our Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle approach.

• Shopping lists & recipes that you can use to guide you on your challenge.

• And LOADS of support to keep you on track, motivated and educated for long term health.

There is no downside to being healthy!

• Jump into summer feeling fit and healthy

• Connect with other like-minded people!

• Save money on your food bills with our guide on how to shop for a healthy diet

• Learn to control your mind and feelings towards food

• Increase your energy and focus during the day

• Have more restful sleep

• Be more productive in your home life, work and business by feeling great and maintaining focus

• Have your questions answered through our coaching calls with you


To join us on the Be Healthy Challenge 2023 register your interest below before Wednesday 24th May. We will then send you a link to purchase the products you will need for your challenge.
When you have placed your order, we will send you a welcome e-mail with all the links and information needed for your challenge.