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Local Gym & Personal Trainer, Tonbridge

We help people to successfully live and feel better through teaching them how to exercise correctly, rest and recover effectively, and have focus to develop healthy eating habits.

The world of fitness can be complicated, sometimes full of conflicting advice and opinions which can be somewhat intimidating. We set out to make living a healthy life accessible and achievable using our simple yet proven coaching and training techniques together with our support system.

We have created an environment and team where you are welcomed no matter where your start point is. Our team of personal trainers and therapists are here to guide and encourage you throughout your training journey. The support of our team and the community we have created will have you feeling empowered, supported, and motivated to succeed.

Do you want to train, eat and sleep better? Then choose the personal trainer Tonbridge residents trust.

We have personal trainers who can work one on one with you to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your health or a seasoned gym veteran, you need a personal trainer in Tonbridge you can trust who has the experience necessary.

All our personal trainers give a full initial assessment and provide high levels of coaching and motivation for all their clients – clients just like you. When you work with a personal trainer you receive a more efficient level of training. Start by talking to us and booking your assessment with a top personal trainer Tonbridge residents use to smash their goals and achieve their perfect fitness results.

If you need the best personal trainer in Tonbridge you need look no further – contact VO2 Maximum today.

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How to keep fit, healthy and training during winter

Staying healthy over winter can be challenging. Germs and bugs are all around us and can have a big impact on our health. From a training point of view getting ill can stop us from training, affect our feelings of fitness and can challenge our motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We believe that prevention… View Article

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How to use a foam roller

The foam roller is a piece of gym equipment most people will have seen in the gym and wondered what is it for. In this video we have explained what it is used for, how to use it and some simple exercises you can do with it to create self myofascial release.

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