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Whilst on holiday in Wales this year we enjoyed walking in the stunning Gower and Pembrokeshire coastal areas.

Both coastlines are homes to seals, porpoises, and many sea birds, including puffins.

Although we work with clients in our facility where the focus can be based on sets and reps, we maintain that walking in nature can provide some of the best health benefits.

For myself, I enjoy the feeling of openness when walking, together with the anticipation of what wildlife or plants I might encounter on the walk.

Walking can bring you close to nature and the elements. It can provide the right conditions for deep conversations, for time with your own thoughts or walking with someone in companionable silence.

There are also great physical benefits from walking, you can elevate your heart rate simply by choosing to walk up a hill or by changing your pace!

On one walk we did out to St Davids Head in Pembrokeshire we encountered some challenging terrain and climbed to a high point where we sat and took in the spectacular views. As I sat there, I reflected on some thoughts. I thought that if we allow it to, the news can drag us down. It tends to give a negative view on the world and what happens in it and yet, here I was sitting in an area of the UK that is protected by the National Trust, a charity that protect places so that nature and people can thrive. That was a really positive thought. This led to the thought that there are lots of areas in the UK where people and organisations are working hard to protect and sustain our environment. And not just our environment, there are great people everywhere in the UK doing incredible things to make a positive impact somehow. And not just in the UK! Globally there is fantastic work being done to create a more positive future – it’s just not reported much!

As I sat and took in the view, I realised that by taking this walk, and taking the time to pause and let my thoughts run, I was feeling great hope.

What thoughts do you have when you get out for a walk?

Do you find that when walking you can gain clarity on thoughts you may have been wrestling with or that you have creative thoughts?

As always, we would welcome any comments you might have!