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Staying healthy over winter can be challenging. Germs and bugs are all around us and can have a big impact on our health. From a training point of view getting ill can stop us from training, affect our feelings of fitness and can challenge our motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We believe that prevention is better than cure so here is a guide to help you keep fit, healthy and training during winter.


  • Ensure you eat plenty fruit and vegetables every day. Try to eat a variety of seasonal vegetables for a well-balanced mixture of vitamins and minerals. Aim to eat 5- 7 portions of veg per day with 2 – 3 portions of fruit daily. If this is a challenge, then a glass of greens in the morning can help. There are lots of varieties on the market.
  • Aim to eat oily fish including salmon and mackerel for intake of Omega 3 fats
  • Keep hydrated – drinking water is a really simple way to keep well, aim for 8 glasses per day
  • If you feel you need to top up or are unable to eat enough foods with good vitamins and minerals then take good quality supplements including, Vitamin C, Zinc and a Multi Vitamin
  • When we start to get less light in the day our natural production of Vitamin D slows, we recommend taking a good quality Vitamin D supplement to support your immune system.


  • Prevention is better than cure and hygiene is one of the best ways to avoid the bugs.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly throughout the days including the back of your hand and between your finders
  • Avoid touching doors and door handles in public places with your hands (can be hard to do)! They are a hotbed for germs and bugs


  • Be intelligent when you train. If you are feeling tired, then do a low intensity training session or take a rest
  • You can still work on other aspects of fitness if feeling a little under the weather. For example, you could do some stretch and mobility work or simply go for a walk.
  • If you do become ill, then focus on recovery and don’t try to train until you feel better.
  • Ensure you wear the correct clothing for the colder conditions and darker days. Make sure you have layers and bright hi viz clothing to be safe outside.

There is nothing better than getting indoors and warm and dry after getting out to get to the gym or outside for a bootcamp or run. It gives you great satisfaction and stops the winter lbs piling on too!