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When new clients enquire about training with us at VO2 Maximum one of the most frequently asked questions is about working out where to start. We use our expertise to form a programme for those clients and thought we would share some of that process with you to help get you started too.

Step 1

Set the Goal

Firstly be clear about what you want to achieve. To even begin this process you must have an a clear idea of the outcome you want to end up with. From putting on your trainers and wanting to run, to losing weight or building muscle – make a clear goal. Write it down and put it some where you will see it every day to remind you.

Once you have written the goal, assess how realistic it is. You can get a trusted friend or family member to help you to do this if you aren’t sure.

We recommend you set both the ultimate goal, or long term goal and short term or process goals.

An example could be a short term goal to be achieved in 12 weeks and a long term goal to be achieved in 12 months. The reason is that by achieving the short term or stepping stone goals it can keep you motivated, feeling like you are being successful and help you keep focused and on track.

An examples of goals can be:

Short – To train at least twice per week for 12 weeks

Long – To have run a 10km with out stopping

Notice how I haven’t put, to run 10k in 45min as a goal. That’s because this become a target instead of a goal and as you are starting out we have no idea what you ability is yet so to set a target time is just guessing. I recommend adding targets later once you have started to have some success with achieving your first goal.

Step 2

Time frame the goal

Now you know what you want to achieve we need to set a date for when you would like to achieve it by. Again write it down next to your goal and count forward to when you want to achieve it by. The reason for this is to give you a mental note and apply some pressure on yourself and to not let your goal just fizzle out.

Put it some where you will see it, put it in your diary and a count back for every week leading up to that date to remind you weekly.

Step 3

Get started!

Get things in motion and don’t delay. I’ve often heard people say, I’ll start when I’m back from holiday, or I’ll start when I am less busy. Being fit and healthy is a way of life and the only time to start is now.

Tell people your goal and make it known that you are going to start your fitness journey.

In conlusion:

I believe that joining a gym is not the answer. In fact one of my sayings is ‘why go to the gym when you don’t know how to train? It’s like getting in a car when you don’t know how to drive!

Knowing how to train is important as you could waste a lot of time and not progress. I highly recommend surrounded yourself with positive and knowledgeable people. Either employ a personal trainer, a coach or even someone to mentor you who has been there and done it. They will give you someone to be accountable to, ideas on training that works and help you review what your doing.