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In this blog we ask a question about confidence, belief and resilience and use Geraint Thomas, British cyclist as an example of someone who displays these traits.

At this time of year, we start to get excited as we anticipate the start of the Tour de France cycle race. This year we are looking forward to seeing Geraint Thomas, the British rider on the Team Ineos roster, possibly riding for the GC prize.

For anyone familiar with Team Ineos, formally Team Sky will know how competitive it is between the riders within the team and it has been said that it is designed that way to keep the riders hungry. I have no basis to know if that is the truth, but I can understand the psychology.

In 2018 Geraint Thomas won the Tour de France and despite looking very strong in 2019 was not guaranteed to be team leader. In fact, the team announced that they had two leaders and the rider who proved to be strongest on the road would become leader!

For those who watched the 2019 edition will know that, in the end, adverse weather determined the eventual outcome and Egan Bernal went on to win for Ineos. Geraint was on the podium in 2nd place behind his teammate.

There is anecdotal evidence that in the early 2000’s there was a similar team ethos in British rowing with a high level of competitiveness to get a place in the boat and nothing was guaranteed.

I am sure this competitiveness within teams could be applied across sectors and could apply in the business sector too.

This raised the question in my mind “How does one remain resilient and confident enough to persistently believe in oneself and back oneself whatever the circumstances”

Is it about having such a strong vision and goal?

Is it about being so prepared to sacrifice all else to pursue that goal?

Is it about embracing the obstacles as part of the journey?

Is it about finding solutions?

I wonder if it is a combination of these things and more?  If we have a strong vision and the belief that we can have that vision, then it can create the perseverance and ability required to overcome the obstacles that may come our way.

I find it incredibly inspirational to follow sports people and learn from them and their journeys in pursuit of their goals. I believe there is much we can take from them in terms of believing in what we can achieve and discovering strengths and resilience within ourselves to do what it takes to get to our goals.