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Author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Jim Rohn wrote a book about the seasons and how the seasons can reflect stages of life. He wrote that life is like the seasons – we cannot change the seasons, but we can change ourselves.
When we think of the four seasons winter is the one that can seem like the harshest and could represent tough times in our lives. It is a season that we need to prepare for to be able to endure the darker months. It can be a time when we think about lying low and doing extraordinarily little.
If we think of the past year, we could say that we have been in an awfully long winter! We did not have much time to prepare for what this winter brought, nor had we experienced anything like it before. I think most of us might agree it has been a challenging time.
However, winter is also the time when we can start to look forward to and prepare for the next season – Spring. Winter does not have to be a time of inactivity.
The gardeners amongst us start to plan gardens and order in seeds, athletes may be thinking about the coming race season for spring/summer sport. Spring is the season for growth, renewal, and new beginnings.
As we start to prepare for the potential for a return to life without so many restrictions, we could be using this final part of winter to prepare ourselves for the new opportunities we will have. Opportunities for growth, be it health, training, work, education, or lifestyle.
Have a think about what planning and preparation you could be doing now, in these final weeks of this winter to prepare yourself for your personal, Spring, because it really is coming!
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